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New Moms Dont Worry it Will be the Best Time You will Always Remember

As a new mom, you must have heard so many theories of what comes along with having a baby. Some, like the joys and happiness it brings, can be quite exhilarating. While other theories about the stress and challenges involved, make you almost dread the process.

This piece will not try to sugarcoat it by saying that it’s going to be all prim and perfect. The truth I’m sure you must have discovered by now is that being a new mom can be pretty daunting.

But beyond the dirty diapers and runny nose, there lies an immense stream of joy and accomplishment only being a mom can give. So here are some of the highlights of being a new mom.

Highlights of Being a New Mom

1. Unconditional Love From Your Child

Though they may be so small, babies are also humans and can love. As a mother, you are all the world your baby sees. And so as you bond with your child, you receive their love which is unconditional and pure.

2. Additional Fun

Motherhood can be tough. Sometimes, you have to wake up at odd hours, stay up at night and clean up messy diapers. But asides all these, having a new baby opens you up to more fun than you ever knew.

Nothing beats the joy you will feel as they pick you out from the crowd and reward you with the most beautiful smile. Their cuddles and kisses are next to none and will reaffirm that having a baby was the wisest decision you ever made.

3. Makes You a Better Person

The expression that “baby changes everything” is as true as it comes. Being a new mom changes a lot of things including your mindset, behaviour and attitude. The desire to provide the best of care for your child will motivate you to do away with your bad attitudes or lack discipline.

Many mothers have testified to becoming more organized or time conscious after giving birth to their child.

4. Make New Friends

As a new mom, you get a chance to become friends with other moms in your vicinity or even strangers. This is because mothers tend to bond a lot with each other. They know what it means to be not just a parent but a mother.

5. You Appreciate Things Better

Sometimes you never know what it takes to do a particular thing until you have done it yourself. Being a new mom helps you to appreciate so many things better. This is because you now see them from a new lens.

As a new mom, you will come to appreciate your parents and what they went through to bring you up. It also reminds you of your childhood experiences and helps you relate more with your children as they grow up.

6. The Privilege of Moulding Another Human Being

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that this bundle of joy is yours to nurture. Irrespective of the perverted nature of our world, you get a chance to mould and train your child the way you believe is best for them.

This process though quite challenging is worth all the effort as you watch your child grow into a responsible person.

7. Gives you Extra Purpose for Living

Of course, you had a purpose for living before becoming a mother. But being a new mom adds more spring to your steps. The knowledge that the life, safety, and care of another living soul is yours to cater for, opens you up to another kind of purpose. The highlight of this is knowing that even though it is not an easy task, you have the innate ability to get this done.

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