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Pets and Kids

So are you wondering whether or not to give in to the request to get pets for your children? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, that’s the topic at hand.

It is true that considering the financial and physical commitment that comes with having a pet, you may get discouraged with getting one for your children. But have you considered why statistics show that over 20 million households in the UK have a pet?

This is because parents are recently coming to the realization of the outstanding benefits of pets for children.

Commons Reasons Why Parents Get Pets for Children

Many people have different reasons for getting pets for their household. But there are two major reasons why parents get pets for their kids.

1. For Entertainment

Ever witnessed the joy on a child’s face as he watches his pet jump over him when he returns from school?

At their age, children are more rambunctious and tend to play more often. Sometimes, no matter how much you love your child you may not be able to keep up. Getting pets for your children help to fill whatever gap is left.

2. For Companionship

In a world where unconditional love is hard to come by, pets have been found to be most loyal. In addition to that, life responsibilities may not allow you to be 100% accessible to your kids.

Getting a pet for them as a result of this will help fill the gap a little bit.

Benefits of Having Pets for Kids

Whether you are getting a kitten for your child to cuddle or a child-friendly dog to pet, here are some benefits you gain by doing so.

1. Teaches Your Child Responsibility

You never know what the simple task of filling their pet’s food and water bowl does to your child. By taking care of their pet in the little way they can, these activities train your child to understand the importance of taking responsibility in life

2. Improves Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Having a pet at an early age often makes your child concerned about the needs of their pets like whether they have enough food, water, or warmth. These seemingly little thoughts or tasks help to boost their self-esteem as well as birth the feeling of accomplishment.

3. Provides Therapeutic Benefits for Your Child

Recent studies proved that having pets can help reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety. These benefits are even more enhanced when it is a child with PTSD, ADD, or ADHD. This is because these children sense the love and affection of these pets, particularly dogs, and so connect more with them.

4. Boosts your Child’s Mental

Pets have been proven to enhance a person’s mental health. Pet therapy is one of the leading solutions for stress relief. The simple task of stroking a pet’s ear or body has been found to release endorphins. These are chemical that can trigger a positive feeling in the brain of your child.

5. Improves your Child’s Social Activities

Another very important reason for having a pet for your kid is that it improves your child’s social activities. A study showed that children who have a pet, particular dogs tend to play 11 minutes more than kids without any pet. This is a perfect way to keep your child healthy and agile.

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